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The volunteerism goes on

Although the pandemic in 2020 put NCLC’s On the Land stewardship events on hiatus, dozens of volunteers still managed to contribute to the organization in numerous ways. Many of the individuals who normally serve as NCLC’s Weed Warriors transitioned to Seasoned Stewards and did hands-on work—from planting trees to removing invasive species. We also depend heavily on our designated Site Stewards, who regularly visit and monitor our properties along the Oregon Coast. Other volunteers helped out by managing databases, stuffing envelopes, and performing other tasks essential to our operations. Learn about volunteering for NCLC.

Thank you to all of our 2020 volunteers. 

Penny Abegglen

Ernie Amacher

Jesse Anderson

Meredith Angevine

Betsy Ayres

David Bailey

Justin Bailie

Jan Barber

Jay Barber

Ann Barnes

Quinn Baudown

Jackie Beerger

Chris Bell

Doug Bell

David Beugli

Linda Bjornstad

Rob Bjornstad

Michele Blackburn

Marilynn Blacketer

Mary Blake

Katie Blue

Bob Bogar

Cilla Border

Jim Border

Gene Borkan

Layton Borkan

Hannah Braun

Jennifer Braun

Max Broderick

Kevin Brownlee

Jane Brumfield

Michael Bunch

Dan Carroll

Liz Carroll

Lisa Cerveny

Alexandria Chandler

Brady Chandler

Jennifer Childress

Cheryl Conway

Chad Cook

Randy Curs

John Dudley

Stephanie Dudley

Catherine Dunn

Pat Dunn

Lynn Dwyer

Julie Endreson

Frank Erickson

John Fairless

Laura Fairless

Patte Fenderson

Emerson Fisher

Linda Fisher

Terry Fullan

Sue Gabriel

Jeff Gage

Sara Vickerman-Gage

Lena Gallatin

Laura Gordon

Doug Green

Chip Greening

Eric Halperin

Carie Hampton

Casey Hampton

Lisa Heigh

Sandra Powell Heman

Bonnie Henderson

Jeanne Henderson

Randall Henderson

Craig Himmelwright

Nancy Holmes

Kirsten Horning

Tom Horning

Scott Howard

Eric Hunt

Joyce Hunt

Ann Huntington

Vince Huntington

Bill Hutmacher

Ruth Hutmacher

Pat Johns

Chloe Johnson

Julianne Johnson

Maxine Johnson

Gina Kennedy

Chris Keffer

Kit Ketcham

Scott Kirby

Sharon Kloepfer

Anna Knutson

Bob Kroll

Nancy Kroll

Sally Lackaff

Dick Ledgerwood

Rick Ledgerwood

Ken Lehman

Pat Lehman

Tammi Lesh

Michael Lewis

Todd Lippold

Ron Logan

Jon Long

Rossana Lopez-Sanchez

Patti MacGregor

Neal Maine

Mike Martin

Vaughn Martin

Chuck Mattocks

Laura McNeeley

Michael Meek

Sally Meek

Deb Mersereau

John Mersereau

Colin Meston

Bebe Michel

Greg Miner

Jeff Moe

Diane Monico

Luis Moreno

Mike Morgan

Michael Mottmann

Martha Moulton

Les Neitzel

Michelle Patterson

Mike Patterson

Vianne Patterson

Jay Paulsen

Penny Paulsen

Cathy Peinhardt

Lisa Phipps

Carolyn Propst

Bill Reed

Scott Rekate

Angie Reseland

John Reseland

Carol Riley

Mike Riley

John Rippey

Jeff Roehm

Mark Rolofson

David Russell

Walker Sauls

Frank Savage

Justin Saydell

Tessa Scheller

Susan Schen

Jeffrey Schmunk

Aaron Sigerson

David Sinclair

Shane Sjogren

Hope Stanton

Bob Svec

Dena Taylor

Forrest Tice

James Thompson

Austin Tomlinson

Jim Towell

Lorri Trucke

Steve Warner

Robert Whitaker

Bob Widdop

Dianne Widdop

Luke Williams

Susan Williams

Michael Wing

Pat Wollner

Jessica Wood

Charlie Zennache

Dave Zunkel

Kathleen Zunkel


      • Volunteer Vince Huntington stuffs and seals envelopes for one of NCLC’s mass mailings in 2020. 
      • Volunteer Lisa Heigh unloads plants from the back of a vehicle during NCLC’s Replant the Riverbank event in February.
      • A few of NCLC’s Seasoned Stewards plant western red cedar at Circle Creek Conservation Center in October 2020.