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Stewardship takes on a new look during pandemic

At North Coast Land Conservancy, we had big plans for the 2020 summer field season. Youth crews were lined up, two summer stewardship interns were hired, and we had more volunteer stewardship days scheduled than ever before. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and we had to reimagine how to accomplish our short- and long-term stewardship goals. We still managed to achieve a few big tasks, such as pulling heaps of purple loosestrife out of the mud at Wolf Bay Habitat Reserve, thanks to our Seasoned Stewards. Meanwhile, our Site Stewards continued to make their critical contribution by monitoring and caring for our properties along the Oregon Coast. MORE


  • Volunteers pull loosestrife at Wolf Bay Habitat Reserve, one of our conserved properties on the lower Columbia River, in August 2020.
  • Colin Meston is the Site Steward for Crosel Creek Habitat Reserve in Astoria.
  • Seasoned Steward Frank Erickson helps plant trees at Circle Creek Habitat Reserve in October 2020. Photo: Eric Halperin