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A Year for Resiliency

At North Coast Land Conservancy, we often talk about the resiliency of the land we steward, especially as we face the widespread challenges of climate change. This year, I am very proud of board and staff, who have shown a great deal of resiliency in carrying on our important work, mostly virtually, during a pandemic. In some ways, this virtual world has allowed us to more easily interact with a larger audience, yet we still yearn for the face-to-face encounters in our personal lives and through NCLC.

As we have strived to do over the past few years, we continue to assess our conservation efforts through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. How do we best serve our various communities through our work in conservation? What does conservation mean to those communities? And how can we best serve those who have been underserved in the past? For NCLC, this is an ongoing process that is integral to our identity, and one we will be further exploring as we undertake strategic planning in the coming year.

And finally, with the help of our institutional funders and incredible private donors, as well as the diligent work of board and staff, we are getting very close to the purchase of the proposed Rainforest Reserve. When brought to fruition, this roughly 10-year vision will be a landmark for conservation in Oregon. I want to thank all of our supporters who have made this, and the rest of our work such a success!

John Mersereau
President, Board of Directors
North Coast Land Conservancy