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Thank you to our family of supporters

The donations we receive at North Coast Land Conservancy are as unique as our donors themselves. We are grateful for each and every one of them! The names of all these wonderful donors are listed below.

2020 donors with † after their name are Sustaining Stewards; they support NCLC with automatic recurring donations. Those with  after their name gave one or more in-kind gifts in addition to cash. 


  • Zeph Schafer and Corinna Jackson-Schafer are new donors to NCLC. They got involved because they love the Oregon outdoors and were inspired by NCLC’s transfer of land near the Necanicum Estuary back to the Clatsop-Nehalem Confederated Tribe. Read more about them!
  • Kathryn Stock and Deb Tinnin, longtime donors from Manzanita, believe NCLC is “an excellent organization that is suited to its mission. The work along our coastline to protect the land for all of the species that live on it is very important, and we are grateful to be a part of that.”
  • Frank Erickson and Laura Gordon, of Seaside, have also contributed to NCLC to help bring the Rainforest Reserve to fruition.

Anonymous (16)
Lindsey and Vincent Aarts
Janice Absher
Chris and Ginny Achterman
Kimberly Adams
Stephen Akeson and Anita Knowlton
Susan Akeson
Gordon Allen and Janice Stewart
John and Lisa Allen †
Skylaar Amann
Diane and Rex Amos
Bill and Susan Anderson
Rex and Nancy Anderson
Roberta Ando
Rodney Andrews
Ericka Anntionette-Klein and Joseph Blecha
Paul and Sandy Arbuthnot
Tom and Catherine Arp
Karla Arria-Devoe and Maurice Menares
Debra Asakawa
Nancy Ashton
Polly Ashworth and Rob Horner
Robert and Deb Atiyeh
Judith and Ernest Atkinson
Ray and Jean Auel
Charles and Phyllis Ault
Kathryn Aya
Susan Aycock
Betsy Ayres †
Darcy Ayres
Richard and Beth Ayres
Tom and Barbara Ayres
Adria Badagnani
Cheryl Badagnani
Vince Badagnani
Susan Bagley and Rodney Dodson
Bob and Barbara Bailey
David Bailey †
Gabrielle Baker
Mike and Dodi Baker
Vicki Baker and Jan Faber
Joe Balden
Linda Bamford
Jane Barber †
RuthAnn Barnes
William Barnett †
Luanne Barrett
Terryl Barron and David Gord
Rainmar Bartl and Barbara Grant
Dan and Susan Bartlett
Roberta and Dick Basch
Dick and Sue Baty
John Bauer
Leo and Donna Bauer
June Baumler and Ralph Dobiejko
Doris Beck
Karen and Alan Beck
Marney Beemer
Jackie and Norman Beerger
Doug and Chris Bell
Morgan Bender-deMoll
Stacy and Mike Benefield
Bill and Nancy Bennetts
Paul Benoit and Constance Clifford
Jack and Kelly Berka
Nancy Berry
Richard and Leslie Bertellotti
Jeanne Bevis and Stuart Sandler
Ken and Linda Bierly
Deborah Bigelow †
David and Leanne Bilstrom
Debra and Jasmine Birkby
Michelle and Matt Bisek
Charles and Margaret Bishop
Lisa Blackburn
Marilynn Blacketer and Steve Warner †
Steve Blaine and Angela Hahn
MacKenzie Blake
Mary Blake
Barbara Blakesley
Charlotte Blakesley
Karen Blauer and Dvora Mencher
Stan and Judy Blauer
Ronald Bline
Katherine Bloomfield
Katherine Blue
Ryan and Britta Blum
Susan Bodin
Chris Bogan
Elizabeth and John Bokish
Sebastian Bonafede †
Debbie Boone
Jim and Priscilla Border
Lane and Mary Borg
Scott and Terry Borg ‡
Robert and Sharon Borgford
Eugene and Layton Borkan
Christ and Barbara Bouneff
Tracy and Melody Boyce
Jane and Frank Boyden
Eloise Branch
Gerald and Sheryl Branch
Anna Braun
Daniel and Aurelia Braun
Don and Anita Braun
Jennifer Braun †
Betsy Bredau
Chet and Marie Britten
William Britton and Janet Stinson
Barbara Brockway
Janet Brockway and Jim Cummins
Jon and Doreen Broderick †
Ashley Bromberg
Anton and Elizabeth Broms
Lois and Ben Bronfman
Lucy Brook
Elizabeth Brooke
Terry and Judine Brooks
Sandra Brooks-Mathers and Mike Mathers
Dennis Brophy and Cathy Gwinn
Dorothy Brown
Krista Brown
Mike and Sande Brown
Kevin and Marla Brownlee
Lynn and Gary Brownlee
Malcolm and Sarah Brownlee
Rebecca Brownlee
James and Penny Broyles
Mary Bruington †
Mike and Jane Brumfield †
Frances Buchanan
Diane and David Buck
Lynn and Bruce Buckmaster
Michael Burger
Don and Gwen Burtch
Teri and Scott Butler
James Byrne †
Marsha Byrnes
Christine Calkins
Matthew and Andrea Cameron
Barbara Campbell †
Bill and JoAnn Canessa
Cheryl Capellen
Jerome Caplan
Laurie Caplan †
Amy Carleton and Alex Carney
Anne Carpenter and Sean Fitzpatrick
Niall Carroll and Donna Reeves †
Bob and Clare Carson
Steve and Sarah Case
Ed and Joanne Casey
Jack and Joan Casey
Bruce Casler and Nancy Hoffman
Lisa Cerveny and David Russell
Ken and Jeanne Chamberlain
Scott and Jean Chamberlin
Lolly Champion
Alice Chatham
Watt and Jennifer Childress
Shalline and Chuck Chism
Tom Christ and Mary McCurdy
Louise Christianson
Beverly Christman
Ted Chu
David Chui and Alex Stone
Nancy Church
Patricia and John Ciminello
Carole Clarke
Bob Clay and Susan Marmaduke †
Janice Cleary
Valerie and Daniel Close
Bruce Clow
Tom Cocklin and Jenny Greenleaf
Paulina Cockrum †
Andy and Laurie Coe
Elizabeth Cole
Mary Cole
Roger and Pat Cole
Judy Coleman
Marlene Colendich
Kyle Collins
Rick and Jean Collins
Luke and Melisa Colvin
Carole and Patrick Connell
Linda and Michael Cook
Barbara Corbin
Pat and Rick Corkill †
Ross and JoAnn Cornelius
Karalee Cortinas
John Cover
John and Page Cowles
Denielle and Blain Cowley
Wade and Irene Coykendall
Debbie and Dave Craig
Jayne Cronlund and Pat O’Neill
Janet and Brent Crosby
Jim and Judy Crowell
Jordan Cummings
Molly Cunningham
Merry Curtis
Marcia Danab
Jean Danforth
Robert and Mollie Davidson
Celia Davis †
Corey Davis and Meadow Ayres Davis †
Tim and Dorothy Davis
Linda Dawson
Bruce and April DeBolt
Tom and Kerry Dee
Frederic and Nancy Delbrueck
Marlitt Dellabough
Teresa DeLorenzo †‡
Lane deMoll
Nancy Derrah
Susan Deshon
Ted and Ruth Deur
Robert Dick and Flora Young
Susan and Thomas Dickerson †
Devin Dimeo-Ediger
Charles and Beverly Dimon
Richard Ditter
Joe Dixon and Jennie Dunn-Dixon
David and Janet Dobak
Anne and Ed Dobson
Diane Doherty
Tim Doherty
Colleen Dohrn
Noah Dolinajec and Erin Case
William Donnelly
Tevis Dooley and Jude Lally
Laura Doolittle and Mark Gibson
Merce Dostale and Michael Tarachow
James Dott and Ann Robben Dott
Phil and Nancy Draper
Sam and Joanne Dreier
Reed and Shelley Drew
David Drummond and Nancy Doty Drummond
Barbara Dudley
John and Stephanie Dudley †
Nancy Duhnkrack and James Monteith
Sandy Duncan
Vivian Dunkle
Justin and Alisa Dunlap
Katie Duzik †
Carolyn Eady
Kay and Laurence Eason
Beth Eby and Pat Harrison
Gerda Eck
Melissa Eddy
Molly Edison
Eileen Edwards
Michael and Kimberly Edwards
Barbara Edwardson
Susan Edy and Kerry Smith
Betsey Ellerbroek and Thron Riggs
Janet Elliott and Duncan Brown
Barnes and Molly Ellis
Curtis Ellis
Lee Emery
Leslye Epstein and Herman Taylor
John and Tara Erben
Frank Erickson and Laura Gordon
Emily Ericsen and Richard Martens
Kathryn and James Eustrom
Debbie Falls
Doug Fast
Rich Fathy and Joan Burke
Fauna-June Fauth
Rob and Kathy Felder
Marc and Loki Felisky
Richard and Lydia Felley
Adam Fenderson
Patricia Fenderson and Robert Svec
Brian and Mo Fennerty
Allen and Jan Fenton
Debra Ferency
Teresa Fernandez
Steve and Candy Fick
Dana Field
Amy Fields
Mark and Jeanne Finkbeiner
Dick Finzer
Donald and Louise Fischer
David Fitch
Patrick and Jean Fitzgerald
Yolanda Fletcher
Joyce Fogg
Michael Forwood
Jan and Geraldine Fouts
Ronald Fraback
Karen Frakes
Leslie France and Mike Bates
Dick and Khris Frank
Jennie and Don Frank
Dorothy Franklin
Pam Freeman
Doug and Sue Friddell
Janet Fryberger
Dennis Fullan and Kathi Hottman
Victoria and Robert Fuller
Jana Fussell and Karen Hightower
Liza Gadsby and Peter Jenkins
Ed and Mary Gallagher
Ryan and Sonia Gallagher †
Claire and Zanley Galton
Jo Gann
Jane Garbisch-Myers
Bennett and Patricia Garner
Karen Gartland Murray and Steven Murray
John and Kathy Gartland
Wendy Gartrell
Karen and Nick Gelbard
Patrick and Julia George
Andra Georges and Tim Shepard
Daniel Georges
Sam and Kate Giese †
Jane Gillis †
Susan Glarum and Darrell Clukey
Marlene Gleason
Mary and Alex Gloria
Joseph Goetze
Bob Goldberg
Richard Goldenberg and Karen St. Clair †
Pauline Goldstein
Candace Goodman
Chris and Nickie Gordon
William and Lyn Gordon
Gloria and David Gostnell
Jeffry Gottfried
Miriam Gottfried and Trevor Williams
Priscilla Gould
Helen Gouvert and Sally Hughes
Gary and Judy Graff
Theresa Graham
Rod Gramson
Lynn Grandusky and Don Hennig
Ireta Graube
Margaret Graue
Jon Graves
Valerie Gray
Alyssa Graybeal
Bryant and Blake Green
Cathy Green
Derek Green and Lindsay Stamm
John and Margaret Green
Gary Greenberg
Mark Greenfield and Jane Hartline
Toni and Chip Greening
Price and Hilary Gripekoven
Jerry and Lisa Grove

Will and Michelle Gruner
Rhonda Guaraglia
Tom Hackett
James and AnnMarie Haldeman
Lexie and Tom Hallahan
Beverly Hallberg
Eric Halperin and Beatrice Michel
Nan Halperin
Patrick and Carmen Hammersmith
Audrey Hand
Richard and Frances Hansen
Katharine and Goodwin Harding
Tom and Nancy Hardy
James Harle and Kimberly Rice
Martha Hart
Terry and Marcia Hartill
Brenden Hatton and Celia Oney
Kiersten Hatton
Bettina Haugen
Isa Haverlan
Don Hawley
Sue Hawthorne and Ken Judge
Martin and Kendra Healy
Kirk Heims †
George and Patricia Heiner
Bonnie Henderson and Charles Zennache †
Darcy Henderson and Mike Urness
Donna Henderson and Rich Sutliff
Heather Henderson and David Donielson
Randall and Jeanne Henderson †‡
Nancy and John Herpers
Julia Hesse †
Michael and Judy Heumann
Dave and Dianna Hiebert
Henry Hieronimus
Brian and Cathy Higgins
Kathie and Greg Hightower
Kenneth and Marjorie Hill
Craig Himmelwright and Adrianne Waite
Jacki Hinton and David Boone
Robert Hirsch
Kathy Hoeger
Shirley Hoem
Susan and Tom Holling
Susan Holloway
Barbara Holmes
Nancy Holmes †
Dave Holt and Karen Babbitt
Jay Hopp
Dan Horning
Tom and Kirsten Horning †‡
David Horowitz and Gloria Myers
Cole Horsley
Marcy and John Houle
Karen Hoyt
Brooke and Cory Hua
Ed and Dawn Hubbard
Kathleen and Jim Hudson †
Shelley Huffstutter
Wallace Hummasti
Joyce Hunt †
Russell and Molly Hunter
Vince and Ann Huntington †
Peter Hurley
Richard Hurley †
Barbara and Ken Hurst
Nellie Hutchison
Amy Hutmacher and David Beugli
Bill and Ruth Hutmacher †
McLaren Innes †
Harriet Jackson
Macdonald and Cynthia Jackson
James and Betty Jacobs
Donald and Margaret Jacobsen †
Kathleen and Wayne Jacobsen
Pam and Allan Jacobson
Susie Jacobson
Lou and Kathy Jaffe
Amanda Jakub
Laura Jetmalani
Marilyn and Allan Jio
Martha John
Avril Johnson
Cheryl Johnson and Ted Messing
Christopher Johnson
Daryl Johnson
Derek Johnson
Ed Johnson
Erik Johnson
Jim Johnson
Julianne Johnson †
Karen Johnson
Sarah and Tony Johnson
Bruce Johnston and Suzanne Allard
Christopher Jones
Jesse Jones and Paul Brady
Mark and Keyvan Jones
Molly Jones
Clayton Jones, Sr.
Tim Josi †
Ed Joyce and Ellen Greenfield
Raymond and Nansie Jubitz †
Penelope and Jack Kaczmarek
Ann and David Kafoury
Deborah Kamali and Kevan Shokat
Karin Kaser
Frances Kaspar
Fred Kassab
Ron and Ruth Katon
Marianne Keddington-Lang and Bill Lang †
Caryn Keeney
Grace Keigley
Patricia Keller
Peter Kendall
Mike Kennedy
Mary Ann and Edward Kerber
Lisa and Bruce Kerr
Jack and Mary Kerwin
Elizabeth Ketcham †
Mary Kimball
Suzanne Kindland and Jim Kingwell
Gary and Diane King
Kathryn and David Kinman
Michael Kinney
Gary and Margaret Kirby
Maryann and Richard Kirkby
Shirley Klock and Mark Housley
Kristina Knoeppel
Carol Knutson-Hawes and Mike Hawes
Peter Koehler, Jr. and Noel Hanlon
Nate Koenigsknecht and Anne Tattam †
Pauline Koenigsknecht
Kathleen Kolody
Paul Konka
Jan Koons
Diane Koopman
Kristin Koptiuch
Fred and Lisa Kost
Joslyn Krahel
Kathleen and Michael Krall
Patricia Kramer
Nancy and Bob Kroll †
Sue and Robert Kroning
Belinda Kruger
Nancy and Don Kruger
Greg Kubicek and Elizabeth Cramer
Mark and Alana Kujala
William Kwitman and Monica Moriarty
Regina and Hobart Kytr
Bea Lackaff
Stephen and Nancy Lagozzino
Bruce and Tara Laidlaw
Betsy Lake
Margo Lalich †
Glenn Lamb and Susan Knight
Arline and Cliff LaMear
Betsey Lang
Milt and Helena Lankton
Liz and Bob Lanz
Charlene Larsen
Mike and Becky Latona
Mary Lawrence
Jan Layne
Tri Le
Celeste and David Lebo †
Dick Ledgerwood †
Barbara Lee
Hal Lee and Susan Bishop
John and Claudine Lehman
Pat and Ken Lehman
Phillip Lehman and Judith Schmidt-Lehman
Dianne Leis
Tammi Lesh and Lance Waldron †
Ketzel Levine †
Ruth Lewellen-Dix
Rebecca Lexa
Sara Libby †
Jacqui Lichtenstein
Mike and Carolyn Lindberg
Hans and Ann Lindstrom
Charles Linehan
Patricia Linn
Richard Lira and Gretchen Taylor
Ann Littlewood
Ed Lloyd
Christopher Loconti
Michael Loftus and Julie Glasgow
Ron Logan †
Christine Lolich
Gonya Loobey
David and Evelyn Lowry
Ryan Ludwig
Kent and Judith Ludwigsen
Cheryl Lund
Jennifer and Raymond Lund
Dan Luoma and Joyce Eberhart
Elisabeth and Peter Lyon
Andrea Mace
Patti MacGregor
Patricia Madden
Paula Madden
Melissa Madenski
Nancy Magathan
Amy Magnussen and Tom Kollasch
Neal Maine
Lindsay Malone
Philip and Deanna Mancill
Donna Manders
Steve and Debbie Mansfield
Michael Manzulli and Nadia Gardner
Ron and Wendy Maple
Craig Markham and Susan Aldrich-Markham
James and Ella Markham
Don Markle
Alexis Martin
Ann Martin
Jo Martin †
Vaughn and Mary Martin †
R.J. and Eve Marx
Marcia Mason
Nicholas Mast
Dick and Diane Matthews
Chuck and Karen Mattocks
Dennis and Katy Mayer
Cheryl Maysels †
Jeffrey Mazer and Debra Vinikour
Sarah McAllister
Nancy McCarthy
Marty and John McCullough
Patricia McDonald
Elizabeth McDougall
Charles McGinnis
Patrick McGinnis
Robyn McGlade
Rosalind McGrath
Sue McGrath and Bob Riecke
Jill and Daniel Mckay
Robert McKee
Barbara and Charles McLaughlin
Jeanie McLaughlin
John and Diana McLoughlin
Walter McMonies and Caroline Hall
Linda and Don McNeill
Marnie McPhee
Diane McVey
Elizabeth Meaney
Sandy and Adam Meggitt
Helen Meinicke
Mike Mercer
Janet Merling
John Merrow and Hilary Rush
Peter and Susan Mersereau
Anne Mesch †
Ronda Meuwissen
Steve and Molly Meyer
Reid and Galen Mickelsen
Kari Middleton
Debrah Miles and Larry Gardner
Matt and Mia Miller
Greg Miner
Jay Minor
Mark and Becky Mizell
Debbie Moberly and Doug Firstbrook
Michael Moffett and Susan Edwards-Moffett
Melanie Moler
Kathleen Moore and Scott Wagner
Mike Morgan and Beth Holland
Mark and Margaret Morgans
Janet Morlan
Hallie Morris
John Morris
Christopher and Deborah Morrow
Karen and James Morton
Martha Moulton
Elizabeth Murdock
Dennis Murphy
Elaine Murphy
Janet Murray
Howard and Eileen Nagle
Keith Neal
Terri and Randy Neal
Karen Nelson
Roger and Bonnie Neugebauer
Michael and Caroline Neunzert †
Linda Newberry and Rico Ruble
Liz Newhouse and Philip Broome
Richard and Lisa Newlands
Sara Newlands
Carol Newman
Judy Newman
Craig and Julie Nichols
Barbara Niedermeyer
Janet and John Niemi
Pat Noonan
Jeanne Nordmark
Tabitha and Travis Norris
Ray and Carol North
Ted Norton and David Lacka
Walter and Karen Novak
Joanne and Leonard Nowak
Jan and John Nybakke
Carl Nyberg
Linda Oldenkamp and David Pollard
Allan and Madeline Olson
Frank Olson
Jim and Pat Ordway
Stuart Orford
Jon Orloff and Jean Scholtz
Ann and Shawn Ornie
John Orr and Teresa Brownlie
Lorraine Ortiz and Terry Fullan †
Ted and Wendy Osborn
Nancy Osborne
Jerry Ostermiller and Lynne Johnson
Janna Ostrander
Linda and Dave Ott
Tom Owen ‡
Hazel Owens
Rose Owens
Karen and Kevin Oyama
Daniel Palau
Earl and Janet Palmeter
Shelley Parker
Andrew and Melinda Paterson
Stuart and Jollee Patterson
Vianne Patterson †
Elizabeth Pattison
Kristen Peckinpah
Lynne and Larry Pectol †
Connie Pelton
Jim and Christine Pendergrass
Catriona Penfield and Jeremy Rust †
Josie Peper
Robert and Honey Perkel
Dick and Sharon Perkins
Mollie Peters
Susan Peterson
Dick and Carol Petrone
David and Cheryl Pfaff
Sue Pflaum-Quarterman
Glenda Phillips
Jean Phillips
Susan Phillips
Lisa Phipps and Roby Lane †
Martha and Stan Pine †
Steve Pinger and Katharine Sammons
David Plawman
Maurie Polak O’Dea †

Travers Hill Polak
Tim and Kathleen Poole
Josephine Pope
Annie Popkin and David Parker
Alvis Porter
Brian Postle and Peter McDonnell
Susan Potter
Alexander Pozarycki
Michael and Sharon Prange
Carolyn Propst †
Marjorie Propst
Sherry and Paul Puziss
Ken Quarles
Darby Quirk
Jackie Quirk and Don Rayno
Steve Rae and Sherri Meshke
Carol Raitt
Carol Raphael
Jay Raskin
Brian and Tess Ratty
Karen Reddick-Yurka
Bill and Madeleine Reed
Melissa Reich
Peter and Loren Reich
Melissa Reid
Robert Reid and Jillayne Sorenson
Larry and Marilyn Reiling
Byron Rendar
Brian and Bambi Rice
Kat Ricker
Harold Riggan
Barbara Riggs
Mike and Carol Riley
Neil and Marilynn Ringquist
Barbara Rippey and Barry Marshall
John Rippey †
Max Ritchie
William Ritchie
Caralee and Fredric Roberts
Mark and Mary Roberts
Alice Robertson
Roger Rocka and Jan Mitchell †
Robin Rodgers
Joseph and Barbara Rodriguez
James Roehm
Jason Roehm
Mary Rogness
Kim and David Rohr
Marilyn and Cleve Rooper
Tanya Rosencrance
Elden and Marjorie Rosenthal
Amy Rossman and Christian Feuillet
Joan Rothlein
Elisa Rouse
Lisa Rowan
Richard and Patricia Rowland
Breeda and Brian Royer
Daniel Ruda
Mary Ruhl
John Rundberg
Thomas and Wendy Ryan
Ted Sarvata
Dennis and Mary Lee Saulsbury
Jennifer Saunders
Tim Savinar
Justin and Clara Saydell and Rossana Lopez
Susan Scanlon
Kevin Schafer
Zeph Schafer and Corinna Jackson-Schafer
Ed Schein
Tessa Scheller and Jann Luesse
Wayne Schlappi and Maria Moroney
Hazel and Barry Schlesinger
Josh Schlesinger and Ashley Spilker
Mary Schoessler
Maryjane Schram
Leo Schreiner
Alan and Pat Schulte
Roger and Marcia Schultz
Martin Schwartz and Marcia Freed
Nancy Schwickrath and Kelly Green
Tom and Joan Scoggins
Ken and Camilla Scott
Matthew Scotten †
Diane Scurlock
Donna Scurlock
Susan Sears
Steve and Tena Seeborg
Gary and Melinda Seelig
Daniel and Kathryn Seifer
Jason Seivers
Virginia Selberg
Richard and Lisa Senders
Judith and John Shaw †
Jill Sherman
Joe and Pam Sherman
Eric Shoemaker
Ben and Elyse Shoop
Kenneth Short and Margaret Bax
Stephanie Siegel
Benton Sifford
Marcus Simantel
Larry and Muffy Sinclair
Les and Lynn Sinclair
Victoria SkellCerf and Stuart Faulk
Judy Skelton
Carole Smith
Marie Smith
Marjorie Smith
Sharon Smith
Sid Snyder, Jr. and Robin Powell
Thomas Sobel and Margaret Davison
Allan and Mary Solares
Diane and Michael Somers
Andrew Spaeth
James and Pam Sparks †
Cummins and Diane Speakman
Jackie Spencer
Lynette and Richard Sproul
Rich Sproul
Mark and Karina Squire
Gerald Sroufe and Maureen Dooley-Sroufe †
Jerry Stanger
Hope Stanton and David Graves †
Cathy and Daniel Stearns
Ellen Stearns
Anne Stein
Hugh and Yvonne Stelson
Henry and Mardella Stevens
Jim and Laura Stewart †
Dave and Jeannie Stockton
Darlene Story
Robert and Elizabeth Stricklin
Lynne and Charles Stuart
Kerri Stubb
Neva Suhadolnik
Gary and Pam Sultany
Cecilia Surerus
Lace Svec
Andrew Swanson
Geraldine and Bob Swenson
Carmen Swigart
Kathleen Swihart
Marie and Russell Taber
Russ and Nancy Taggard
Viviane Tallman and Fred Lackaff
Taylor Talmage
Shelly Taranoff
Christine Tarpey
William and Sara Tattam
Ann and Dave Taylor
Dena Taylor
Don and Jacque Taylor †
Joan Taylor
Leslie Taylor and Doug Beers
Patty and Chuck Teague
Michael and Judith Tembreull
Mike Theobald and Lyn Frisch
Ernie and Cookie Theriot †
Sam and Julie Thoma †
Lynn Thomas
Chris and Heather Thompson
David and Kim Thompson
Jacki Thompson
James Thompson
Lianne Thompson and Ralph Wyatt
Phyllis Thompson
Steven Thompson
Suzanne and Dick Thweatt
Mary Lou Tierney
Sara Todd
Lisa Tomlinson
Susan Tone and Phil Blanton
Margaret Treadwell
Don and Cindy Trelstad †
Virginia Trethewey
Christine and Clark Trexel
Jim and Sue Trezona
Jim and Christina Trolinger
Roger Truax †
Lorri Trucke
Gary Turel
Steven Urman
Keith and Bethany Valachi
Eleanor Van Buren
Evans Van Buren
Eric and Martha Van Dyke
Pieter Van Dyke and Jan Goodman
George and Carla Van Hoomisen
Loris Van Pelt and Dennis Alexander
Monica Van Steenberg
Carl Vandervoort and Deborah DeWit
Sophia Vernholm
Al Vernon
Sara Vickerman-Gage and Jeff Gage ‡
Alberta Vieira
Lynette Villagomez and Max Broderick †
Susan and Paul Vitello †
John and Jeanie Voelke
Katie Voelke and Scott Kirby †
Marilyn Voelke and Kelly Monaghan
Susan Vosburg
Constance Waisanen
Cheryl Waitkevich
Marti Wajc
Karin and Peter Walczak
Coral Mirth Walker and Bradley Coffey
Robin Walker
Neal and Lisa Wallace
Samantha Wallace
Sean Wallace
Merle and Suzanne Wallis
John and Mary Walter
Susan Walters
Sandy Ward
William and Nancy Ward
Frank Warren, Jr.
Steve Wascher
Grant and Diane Watkinson
Amy and John Watson
George Webb
Robert and Vivian Weber
Jean Wegener
Janet Weidman
Nancy Weil
Wendy Weissman
Darron and Stephanie Welch
Marvin and Patricia Welch
Wendy Wells Jackson and Cary Jackson
Inge Wells
Krickett Wertz ‡
Helen Westbrook
Pamela Wev
Ken and Jen Whaler
John and Rachel Whisler
Fred and Martha White †
Gary and Jean White
Nancy and Gordon Whitehead
Yvonne Whitney and Kathryn Bulletset
Jon Wickersham
Nina Wickersham
Robert and Dianne Widdop †
Jan Wieting
Vincent Wilcke †
Roxanna Wilcox
Mike and Sara Wilkes
Michele Wilkey
Jean Williams
Roger Williams
John and Kathy Willis
Christina and Reed Wilson
Karen Wilson
Judy and Randy Wiltgen
Lisa and Miles Wiltrout
Scott Wintermute and Kelli Daffron
Jock and Beth Wise
Sara and Craig Wisti
Christina Wohlstetter
Michele and Richard Wollert
Pat Wollner †‡
Doug and Judy Wood
Peter Woodring †
Katie and Troy Woodruff
Edward and Lorna Woods
William and Sally Worcester
Susan Workman
Steve and Patty Wright
Ingrid Wysong and Steve Lundy
Linda Wysong
Elaine and John Young
Katherine Young
James and Faye Zajicek †
Michael and Lorna Zametkin
Marcia Zegar
Sue and Hervin Zerangue
Larry and Carol Zetterberg
Dave and Kathleen Zunkel
Chuck and Sarah Zwissler


Arch Cape Domestic Water Supply District
Arch Cape Escape †
Archimedes Gallery
Beach Books ‡
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Cannon Beach Book Company †
Cannon View Park, Inc.
Cargo, Inc.
The City of Seaside
Clean-Sweep Maintenance, Inc.
Distinctive Beach Lodgings, LLC
Dixie’s Vino & More
Fairweather House & Gallery ‡
Filipendula Chapter of the Native Plant Society
of Oregon
Fred Meyer Community Rewards
Gearhart Homeowners Association
Harry and Marguerite Kendall Fund of Oregon
Community Foundation
Icefire Glassworks
Indivisible North Coast Oregon
Inn at Haystack Rock
The Jeffrey Hull Gallery
JJ Electric Service, LLC
The June Foundation
L & C Tree Farms, LLC
Leupold & Stevens Foundation
Levers-Manhart Charitable Fund of Oregon
Community Foundation
Lewis & Clark Bank
Lewis & Clark National Park Association
Lower Columbia Clinic
Network for Good
Nicolle Landwehr, CFP
Northwest Coast Trails Coalition
Patricia Friedland Fund of Oregon Community
Raymond and Kathleen Levitt Family
Reese Family Charitable Foundation
Salmonberry Saloon
Sea Level Bakery & Coffee, LLC ‡
The Seashore Inn ‡
Seelig Family Fund of Oregon Community
Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters †‡
Solares Family Fund of Oregon Community
Foundation ‡
Stuart & Mandi Chestler Fund of the Oregon
Jewish Community Foundation
Sunset Vacation Rentals
Terran Travels
The Thomas Family Fund of Oregon
Community Foundation
Three Treasures Acupuncture
Tote ‘N Stow, Inc.
Unfurl Manzanita
Van Buren Family Fund of Oregon Community

Anonymous (1)
Virginia Anderson
Warren and Robin Anderson
Nadine Basha
Chris and Liz Beckman
Jim and Angela Benton
Steve and Sue Blindheim
Colleen Chandler
Georgenne Ferdun
Paul Gearen
Stan Geiger and Marilynn Stribling †
Terry and Cathy Graff
Doug and Kathie Green
Madeline Hall and Joseph Fisher
Nancy Hopp
Patricia Johns †
Michael Johnson †
Steve and Marilyn Kohler
Linda Kozlowski and Bill Supak
Bob and Sandi Lundy
Tom and Kate Merrell
John and Deb Mersereau †
Diane Monico †
Ann Morgan
Linda Murray
Jay and Penny Paulsen †
Carolyn and Curt Peterson
Phyllis Reynolds
Dylan and Allegra Riley
Jeffrey Roehm †
William Rutherford and Joan Lamb
Linnea Ryan
Ryan and Stephanie Snyder
Judy Sorrel
Sharon Stern and Steve Rallison
Kathryn Stock and Deb Tinnin
Darr Tindall and Nancy Webster
John Whittlesey and Peggy Anet

Anonymous (1)
Arthur M James Family Foundation
The Autzen Foundation
Ciecko Family Fund of Oregon Community
Dragonfire Studio and Gallery ‡
Gaylord-Eyerman Family Fund of Oregon
Community Foundation
Jane R. Kendall Family Fund of Oregon
Community Foundation
Jeffrey C. Kozlowski Fund of Oregon
Community Foundation
Juan Young Trust
The Komal Foundation
Lamb Family Foundation
Lang/Svendgard Family Fund of the Oregon
Jewish Community Foundation
McGraw Family Foundation, Inc.
Mintkeski Family Fund of Oregon Community
Morrison Family Charitable Foundation
Ned and Sis Hayes Family Fund of Oregon
Community Foundation
Sassenach Mischling Fund
The Taber Foundation
Tareen Filgas Foundation
Ulbricht Public Accounting LLC

Susan Hayden and John Beaston
Anita Barbey and Todd Liebow
Tom and Sonya Campion
William Gaylord and Linda Eyerman
Doug and Anthony Gordon
Nancie McGraw
Catherine and Omar Sangueza

Dawkins Charitable Trust
Greenfield/Hartline Habitat Conservation Fund of The Nature Conservancy
Land Trust Alliance

Charles and Theresa Dice
Joan and John Janowski
Sue Marble


3 Cups Coffee House
Bald Eagle Coffee House
Beachcomber Vacation Homes
By The Way
Caffe Latte
Coast Business Services, Inc.
Columbia River Coffee Roaster, Inc.
Manzanita News & Espresso
Pacific Way Cafe
PacificLight Images
R & R Espresso
River Inn at Seaside
The Roost
Seaside Coffee House
Street 14 Cafe
The Sweet Shop Gearhart, LLC
Wolfmoon Bakery

The following individuals and organizations were honored with one or more gifts in their name in 2020.


Bill & Susan Anderson
Ericka Anntionette-Klein & Joe Blecha
Betsy Ayres
Dick & Beth Ayres
Deb Bigelow
Black Lives Matter Clatsop County
Charlotte Blakesley
Timothy Borne
­Elly Branch
Jerry & Sheryl Branch
Ashley Bromberg
Mairi Burns & Henry Bruce
Greg Busch
Annette & David Butler
Andrea Cameron
Brenda Camilli
Ethan Danger Chizum
The Chatalas/Aya Family
Clatsop-Nehalem Confederated Tribes
The Cluff Families of Oregon
Cheryl Conway
Philip Dawson
Doug & Faith Deur
David Dickinson & Ashley Hoover
Ellis Family
Ira Evansen
Doug Firstbrook
Jim & Mary Foster
Future Generations
Future Generations of Oregonians
Naomie Gallagher
Bill Gaylord
Mike & Betty Gearen
Lyn & Bill Gordon
Karen Graham
Nick & Laura Graue
Doug & Kathie Green
Gypsy the Dog
Eric Halperin
Tia Hatton
Mae and Herb Heideman
Bonnie Henderson
Randall & Jeanne Henderson
Judy Heumann
Bill Holdeman & Amara Hecht
Steve & Lynne Holmes
Nancy Hopp
David & Jan Horning
Tom Horning
Tom & Kirsten Horning
Pat Johns
Gail Johnson
Mary Keeler
Kit Ketcham
Susan Kheel
Nate Koenigsknecht & Anne Tattam
Damecca Knight & Cara Andrew
Stephen & Audrey Knippa
Linda Kozlowski
Dr. Bob Kroll
Ken Lehman
Pat Lehman
Carol Lindstedt
Laine E. Lindstrom
Anna Long & Shea Stokes
Jann Luesse & Tessa Scheller
Maddy, McKenzie & Neal Maine
Neal Maine
Vaughn Martin
Matthew’s Birthday
Shelley & Kathleen McIntyre
Steve McRoberts
Amy Miles
Trisha Misner
Jim & Kelley Moline
Neil Moore
Mike Morgan & Beth Holland
Mother Earth
Mother Nature
The Native Peoples of the Oregon Coast and all of the life the Rainforest nurtures
NCLC Staff
Skyler Orion
Lorraine Ortiz
Dave Pastor
Vianne Patterson
Beatrice Pickett
Claire Pinger
Michael & Jesse Rathfon
Sarah A. Reese
Melissa Reich
Phyllis Reynold
Michael Righter
Peggy & Dennis Roberts
Sam Robertson
Jane & Roland Risser
Jeff Roehm
Liam Rosen
Scott Santos & Family
Donna Scurlock
Dianne Sherman
Candace & Warwick Smith
Louise Squire
Rylee & Austin Sroufe
Sharon Stern
Anne Tattam & Nate Koenigsknecht
Phyllis Thompson
Susan Valachi & Charlene Speed
Evans Van Buren
Katie Voelke
Katie Voelke & the wonderful volunteers and staff at NCLC
Heather Walker-Dale
Aaron Webster
Katie Weidman
Daniel White

The following individuals were remembered with one or more gifts in their name in 2020.


Gail Achterman
Blaze Ayres
John Arbuthnot
Carl & Jean Baker
Jean Baker
Carol Louise Balcom
Paul Bamford
Lou Ann Baty-Smith
Dr. & Mrs. H.G. Beckwith
Tom Bender
Dr. Robert Bennett
Norbert & Sharon Bisek
Herb Black
Sandra Bland
Bill Boone
Jane Borg
Jane & Gerry Borg
Dennis & Marie Bourdonnec
Charles & Cathrine Boyce
Carol J. Briggs
Chris Butler
Wilma Caplan
Gizmo Ricardo Case-Dolinajec
Terry Cassell
Colleen Chandler
Don & Betty Church
Charles Colburn
Barbara Crossland
Thomas James Dee Jr
Tam Tattam De Witt
Sali Diamond
Roland Joseph Diaz, Sr
Spencer Dick
Tevis & Lily Dooley
Martha Dube
Allan Edwards
Susan Emery
Frank Fauth
June & Donald Felley
Gail & Lil Fenderson
Cheri Folk
Zulema I. Gatewood
Evelyn & Ossie Georges
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Shirley & Bill Gittelsohn
Gersham Goldstein
Peter Gray
Cherry Grove
Matthew Guderian
Bruce Hall
Robert Halperin
Colonel Halland Hankel
Kathy Hanneman
Charles Hartill
Kathy Hayes
John, Joannie, & Dana Hill
Jack Himmelwright & Jan Henderson
Diane Horden
Samuel & Marjorie Hyslop
Atatiana Jefferson
Russell Johnson
Tree Johnson
Michael Kelley
Winton Kemmis
David Kloepfer
Rev. Walter J. Knutson & Dr. Phyllis A. Knutson
Byrd Koesling
Anale Konka
Timber Krei
June Kroft
Dave Kruger
Branislav Lalich
Floyd Lee
Ethel LeGault
Sharon Wanderman Lieberman
Marge Lippert
Linda Lloyd
Phyllis P. Loobey
James Robert Lucia
Daniel, Roger & John Madden
Mark Madenski
Karen Maine
Janice Markle
Joan McAuley
Colleen McKee
Wayne William McVey, Jr.
Anne von der Mehden
Edward & Mary Meshak
Rob & Dolores Miller
Phoebe Misner
Joyce Moorman
Curtis J. Moulton
Stephen Murdock
Austin & Louise Myers
Donald Nichols
Tom Niedermeyer
Perry & Carl Nordmark
Mike O’Callaghan
Margaret E. Olson
Toby Lee Alban Ortiz
Bill Phillips
Ron Phillips
Dot & Bob Prier
Maggie Rogers
Eleanore Rubinstein
Pat Scanlon
Vernon & Lois Skeels
Jeanyse Snow
Laura Snyder
Ethel Stevens
Gordon Story
Pheraby Elizabeth Stricklin
Louis & Claire Svec
Terry Swigart
Mache Tallman
Breonna Taylor
Roger Truax
Roger & Florence Truax
Don & Florence Velder
Carol Vernon
Evelyn Wagner
Muriel Walker
Judy Wells
Ken & Margie Whaler
The Mel & Margaret Wick Family
Jean Wickersham
Kevin Widener
Will & Scott
Jonathan Wollert
Kathleen Wysong
Falcore Zerangue