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Thank you to our family of supporters

North Coast Land Conservancy donors come in all sizes. We appreciate every single one.  

2019 donors with † after their name are Sustaining Stewards; they support NCLC with automatic recurring donations. Those with  after their name gave one or more in-kind gifts in addition to cash. 


  • Rainforest Reserve donors (with Katie Voelke and board member Tom Horning, behind) on a tour of the land their donations will help NCLC to acquire.
  • Summer house party: Outreach Committee members are known for their catering skills.
  • Volunteers staffed the wine pull fundraiser at the annual Summer Picnic at the Barn.
Gifts up to $99

Jan Absher 

Scott Akeson 

Susan Akeson 

Paula Alberts 

David and Laura Anderson 

Rex and Nancy Anderson 

Charles and Phyllis Ault 

Anne Barbey 

Susan Bawn 

George and Patty Beall 

Karen and Alan Beck 

LaRee Beckley 

Daniel and Aurelia Braun 

Roger Brewer 

Krista Brown 

Mike and Jane Brumfield  

Lynn and Bruce Buckmaster 

James Byrne 

Marsha Byrnes 

Jerome Caplan 

Judy and Al Carder 

Amy Carleton and Alex Carney 

Elizabeth and Daniel Carroll 

Bob and Clare Carson 

Bruce Casler and Nancy Hoffman 

Cathie Cates 

Ken and Jeanne Chamberlain 

Lolly Champion 

Louise Christianson 

Ted Chu 

Patricia and John Ciminello 

Bob Clay and Susan Marmaduke  

Marlene Colendich 

Patrick Corcoran 

John Cover 

Merry Curtis 

Richard and Catherine D’Onofrio 

Bruce and April DeBolt 

Susan Deshon 

Doug and Faith Deur 

Joe Dixon and Jennie Dunn-Dixon 

David Drummond and Nancy Doty Drummond 

Lynn Dwyer 

Gerda Eck 

Yvonne and Mickey Edwards 

Janet Elgin 

Stuart Emmons 

Barbara Engel 

Carol Englehart 

Deborah Falls 

Rob and Kathy Felder 

Aaron Fenderson  

Al and Nina Fleckenstein 

Michael Forwood 

Ronald Fraback 

Pam Freeman 

Jana Fussell and Karen Hightower 

Ed and Mary Gallagher 

Wendy Gartrell 

Karen and Nick Gelbard 

Monica Gianopulos 

Richard Gibson 

Marlene Gleason 

Candace Goodman 

Ron Graham 

Cathy Green 

Eleanor Green 

Carol Hackett 

Patrick and Carmen Hammersmith 

John Hanby 

Karl and Audrey Hand 

Tom and Jane Happy 

Katharine and Goodwin Harding 

Tim Hartnett 

Isa Haverlan 

Molly Hawkins 

Heather Henderson and David Donielson 

Julia Hesse  

Brian and Cathy Higgins 

Nancy Hoffman 

Anne and Jim Holtz 

Dan Horning 

Marcy and John Houle 

Wallace Hummasti 

Peter Hurley 

Richard Hurley 

Barbara and Ken Hurst 

Leslie and Tim Hutchinson 

Nellie Hutchison 

Harriet Jackson 

Pam and Allan Jacobson 

Marilyn and Allan Jio 

Martha John 

Kim and Helene Johnsen 

Cheryl Johnson and Ted Messing 

Ed Johnson 

Janet Johnson 

Ivan and Ramona Jones 

Clayton Jones, Sr. 

Susan Jones 

Lawrence Jordan 

Raymond and Nansie Jubitz  

Barry and Carol Kast 

Grace Keigley 

Susan Keizer 

Patricia Keller 

Susan Kheel 

Suzanne Kindland and Jim Kingwell 

Gary and Margaret Kirby 

Kristin Koptiuch 

Sue and Robert Kroning 

Belinda Kruger 

Randy and Carlene Kugler 

Glenn Lamb and Susan Knight 

Arline and Cliff LaMear 

Jennifer Lamontagne 

Liz and Bob Lanz 

Lisa Leschinsky 

Ketzel Levine 

Ruth Lewellen-Dix 

Sara Libby  

Kent and Judith Ludwigsen 

Craig Mackie and Glenna Gray 

Anne MacRae 

Melissa Madenski 

Lindsay Malone 

Philip and Deanna Mancill 

Donna Manders 

Craig Markham and Susan Aldrich-Markham 

James and Ella Markham 

Chuck and Karen Mattocks 

Nancy McCarthy 

Leslie McClanahan 

Barbara and Charles McLaughlin 

Jeanie McLaughlin 

Reid and Galen Mickelsen 

Debrah Miles and Larry Gardner 

Ronald Miller 

Margaret and Chris Minnick 

Nancy Monroe 

Pat and Jill Mulvihill 

Lynne Murray Albright 

Janet Murray 

Frank and Susan Nau 

Keith Neal 

Emily Nelson 

Roger and Bonnie Neugebauer 

Julie and Troy Newberry 

William and Nancy Nichols 

Kiri Nielsen 

Sheila Nolan and Brent Warren 

Kate O’Neill and Joel Caris 

Roger Oakes 

Frank Olson 

Jon Orloff and Jean Scholtz 

John Orr and Teresa Brownlie 

Earl and Janet Palmeter 

Dick and Kathy Park 

Andrew and Melinda Paterson 

Rita and Hugh Paustian 

Kelleyanne Pearce 

Josie Peper 

Robert and Honey Perkel 

Rolf Peterson 

Dick and Carol Petrone 

Sue Pflaum-Quarterman 

Susan Phillips 

Annie Popkin and David Parker 

Sherry and Paul Puziss 

Ellen Raabe 

Brian and Tess Ratty 

Robin Reich 

Brian and Bambi Rice 

Lee Roberts and Ilene Deutsch 

Teresa and Todd Robinett 

Jason Roehm 

Mary Rogness 

Keyaho Rohlfs  

Carole Romm 

Breeda Royer 

Daniel Ruda 

Bill and Mary Schlobohm 

Roger and Marcia Schultz 

Nancy and John Scofield 

Steve and Tena Seeborg 

Virginia Selberg 

Ian Shepherd 

Ben and Elyse Shoop 

Benton Sifford 

David Sinclair 

Jennifer Smith 

Barbara Somers 

Lynette and Richard Sproul 

Sally Stadelman 

Hope Stanton and David Graves  

Cathy and Daniel Stearns 

Jason Stegner and Beth Radich 

Dave and Jeannie Stockton 

Stephen and Alice Stolzberg 

Darlene Story 

Neva Suhadolnik 

Cecilia Surerus 

Andrew Swanson 

Geraldine and Bob Swenson 

Mary Thamann 

Ernie and Cookie Theriot  

Chris Thompson 

David and Kim Thompson 

James Thompson  

Mary Pat Thompson 

Phyllis Thompson 

Sara Todd 

Lisa Tomlinson 

Rich and Elaine Trucke 

Constance Waisanen 

Coral Mirth Walker and Bradley Coffey 

Pat and Kandi Walters 

Janet Weidman 

Nancy Weil 

Fred and Martha White  

Nancy and Gordon Whitehead 

Yvonne Whitney and Kathryn Bulletset 

Vincent Wilcke  

Lucille Williams 

Terry Williams 

Timothy and Nancy Williams 

Sara and Craig Wisti 

Judy and Wayne Woodmansee 

William and Sally Worcester 

Marcia Zegar 

Sue and Hervin Zerangue 

Larry and Carol Zetterberg 


Above the Board Construction  

Arch Cape Escape  

Heritage Research Associates, Inc.  

Holden Films 

Huckleberry Farm Studios  

Seaside International Hostel 

The Whet Spot 

Gifts of $100 to $499

Anonymous (1)

Pamela and James Alegria 

John and Lisa Allen  

Kalley Aman 

Diane and Rex Amos 

Bill and Susan Anderson 

Kari Anderton 

Roberta Ando 

Paul and Sandy Arbuthnot 

Nancy Ashton 

Polly Ashworth and Rob Horner 

Judith and Ernest Atkinson 

Ray and Jean Auel 

Kathryn Aya 

David Bailey  

Vicki Baker and Jan Faber 

Jane Barber 

RuthAnn Barnes 

Luanne Barrett 

Dan and Susan Bartlett 

Dick and Sue Baty 

Leo and Donna Bauer 

Doris Beck 

Marney Beemer 

Stacy and Michael Benefield 

Bill and Nancy Bennetts 

Paul Benoit and Constance Clifford 

Robert and Cynthia Beraud 

Jack and Kelly Berka 

Nancy Berry 

Richard and Leslie Bertellotti 

Jeanne Bevis and Stuart Sandler 

Ken and Linda Bierly 

Pamela Bierly 

David and Leanne Bilstrom 

Charles and Meg Bishop 

Linda and Rob Bjornstad 

Harvey and Nancy Black 

Katherine Blue 

John Boesch 

Sebastian Bonafede  

Debbie Boone 

Robert and Sharon Borgford 

Eloise Branch 

Gerald and Sheryl Branch 

Jennifer Braun  

William Britton and Janet Stinson 

Victoria Brockman 

Jon and Doreen Broderick  

Elizabeth Brooke 

Dennis Brophy and Cathy Gwinn 

Linda Brown 

Mary Bruington  

Diane and David Buck 

Kenneth and Joan Butterfield 

Barbara Campbell 

Bill and JoAnn Canessa 

Cheryl Capellen 

Laurie Caplan  

Anne Carpenter and Sean Fitzpatrick 

Niall Carroll and Donna Reeves  

Janet Cathcart 

Mary Chapin 

Richard and Joan Charlton 

Nancy Chase 

Melodie Chenevert 

Maranda Chestler 

Phil and Julie Chick 

Don Child and Wyn Aubrey-Child 

Gene Cho and Marta Kallstrom 

Howard Clarke and Wendela Howie 

Janice Cleary 

Valerie and Daniel Close 

Elinor Coates 

Paulina Cockrum  

Mary Cole 

Judy Coleman 

Marilyn Collins 

Rick and Jean Collins 

Luke and Melisa Colvin 

Carole and Patrick Connell 

Linda and Michael Cook 

Jim and Cheryl Coon 

Joanne Cornelius and David Cleland 

John and Page Cowles 

Wade and Irene Coykendall 

Mike and Nancy Cranston 

Jayne Cronlund and Pat O’Neill 

Jim and Judy Crowell 

Juliana Cyman 

Marcia Danab 

Dawn Dauble 

Robert and Mollie Davidson 

Celia Davis  

Corey Davis and Meadow Ayres Davis  

Frederic and Nancy Delbrueck 

Teresa DeLorenzo  

Lane deMoll 

Nancy Derrah 

Robert Dick and Flora Young 

Susan and Thomas Dickerson  

Charles and Beverly Dimon 

Richard Ditter 

David and Janet Dobak 

Tim Doherty 

William Donnelly 

Tevis Dooley and Jude Lally 

Phil and Nancy Draper 

Barbara Dudley 

Nancy Duhnkrack and James Monteith 

Catherine Dunn 

Katie Duzik  

Kay and Laurence Eason 

Barbara Edwardson 

Lee Emery 

Leslye Epstein and Herman Taylor 

Kathryn and James Eustrom 

Dale Farley 

Rich Fathy and Joan Burke 

Richard and Lydia Felley 

Mary Fellows and John Russell 

Travis Fenderson 

Georgenne Ferdun 

Debra Ferency 

Marjorie Ferry 

Richard Fettig 

Steve and Candy Fick 

Dana Field 

Linda and Emerson Fisher 

Joyce Fogg 

Karen Frakes 

Randy and Darlene Frank 

Dennis Fullan and Kathi Hottman 

Ryan and Sonia Gallagher  

Claire and Zanley Galton 

Karen Gartland Murray and Steven Murray 

John and Kathy Gartland 

Bev Gilbertson 

Susan Glarum and Darrell Clukey 

Theo and Mike Glickman 

Joseph Goetze 

Richard Goldenberg and Karen St. Clair  

Linda Goldfarb 

William and Lyn Gordon 

Daryl and Panshekay Gosser 

Gloria and David Gostnell 

Miriam Gottfried 

Theresa Graham 

Rod Gramson 

John and Margaret Green 

Mark Greenfield 

Richard Guadagni and Mary Nolan 

Rhonda Guaraglia 

Michael and Marjorie Guerber 

Eric Halperin and Beatrice Michel  

Jill and Andrew Hanson 

James Harle and Kimberly Rice 

Tom Harpole and Mary Moffit 

Gail Hart 

Thomas Hartman 

Bettina Haugen 

Don Hawley 

Patricia Heinlein 

Donna Henderson and Rich Sutliff 

Valerie Hendon 

Michael and Judy Heumann 

Henry Hieronimus 

Kathie and Greg Hightower 

Craig Himmelwright and Adrianne Waite 

David Hirt 

Susan and Tom Holling 

Susan Holloway 

Nancy Holmes   

Jay Hopp 

Dave and Jan Horning 

Karen Hoyt 

Kathleen and Jim Hudson  

Connie and Robert Hunt 

Joyce Hunt   

Russell and Molly Hunter 

Vince and Ann Huntington  

Marsha Huss 

Amy Hutmacher and David Beugli 

Jeri and Ivan Inger 

McLaren Innes  

Donald and Margaret Jacobsen  

Susie Jacobson 

Lou and Kathy Jaffe 

Lisa and Jon Jasper 

Julianne Johnson 

Sarah and Tony Johnson 

Christopher Jones 

Gregory and Linda Jones 

Molly Jones 

Tim Josi  

Ann and David Kafoury 

Deborah Kamali and Kevan Shokat 

Rich and Evelyn Kennedy 

Jack and Mary Kerwin 

Elizabeth Ketcham   

Gary and Diane King 

Sharon Kloepfer  

Jeannette Knispel 

Barbara Knop 

Joleen Koehler 

Peter Koehler, Jr. and Noel Hanlon 

Nate Koenigsknecht and Anne Tattam  

Pauline Koenigsknecht 

Jan Koons 

Nancy and Bob Kroll  

Nancy and Don Kruger 

Regina and Hobart Kytr 

Sally Lackaff 

Betsy Lake 

Margo Lalich  

Betsey Lang 

Charlene Larsen 

Dick Ledgerwood  

Phillip Lehman and Judith Schmidt-Lehman 

Tammi Lesh and Lance Waldron  

Michael Lewis 

Jacqui Lichtenstein 

Richard Lira and Gretchen Taylor 

Louis and Mari Livingston 

Ed Lloyd 

Michael Loftus and Julie Glasgow 

Cheryl Lund 

Daniel Luoma and Joyce Eberhart 

Andrea Mace 

Lisa Macfarlane 

Amy Magnussen and Tom Kollasch 

Neal Maine 

Jean Malarkey 

Wilson and Jeanne Mark 

R.J. and Eve Marx 

Marcia Mason 

Mary and Gordon Matlock 

Jim Mattheis 

Karen and Michael Matthews 

Cheryl Maysels  

Polly McCarthy 

Elizabeth McDougall 

Jane and Joe McGeehan 

Rosalind McGrath 

Sherry McHenry 

Robert and Colleen McKee 

John and Diana McLoughlin 

Linda McNeill 

Diane McVey 

Helen Meinicke 

Mike Mercer 

Susan Mersereau and Phil White 

Ronda Meuwissen 

Chuck and Sara Meyer 

Nancy Miller 

Robert and Kathy Moberg 

Debbie Moberly and Doug Firstbrook 

Michael Moffett and Susan Edwards-Moffett 

Melanie Moler 

Kathleen Moore and Scott Wagner 

Jack and Dianne Morgan 

Mike Morgan and Beth Holland 

James Morrison 

Karen and James Morton 

Dale and Mary Jo Mosby 

Gary Muehlberg 

Judith Myers 

John Nelson 

Michael and Caroline Neunzert  

Linda Newberry and Rico Ruble 

Liz Newhouse 

Carol Newman 

Judy Newman 

Alan and Wendy Niem 

Jeanne Nordmark 

Ray and Carol North 

Ted Norton and David Lacka 

Walter and Karen Novak 

Linda Oldenkamp and David Pollard 

Allan and Madeline Olson 

Jerry Ostermiller and Lynne Johnson 

Tom Owen 

Carolyn and Bill Owens 

Rose Owens 

Karen and Kevin Oyama 

Kristen Peckinpah 

Lynne and Larry Pectol  

Cathy and Al Peinhardt 

Jim and Christine Pendergrass 

Catriona Penfield and Jeremy Rust  

Mark and Joan Peters 

Carolyn and Curt Peterson 

Lisa Pfost 

Steve Pinger and Katharine Sammons 

Maurie Polak  

Alvis Porter 

Portland Garden Club 

Alexander Pozarycki 

Marjorie Propst 

Mary Puskas 

Ken Quarles 

Steve Rae and Sherri Meshke 

Carol Raitt 

Melissa Reich 

Byron Rendar 

John Rider 

Harold Riggan 

Barbara Rippey and Barry Marshall 

Clayton Rippey 

John Rippey  

Robin Risley 

William Ritchie 

Caralee and Fredric Roberts 

Roger Rocka and Jan Mitchell  

Joseph and Barbara Rodriguez 

Marilyn and Cleve Rooper 

Nancy Rosendahl 

Joan Rothlein 

Elisa Rouse 

Neil and Lucy Saling 

Jeremy Sappington and Victoria Holt 

Dennis and Mary Lee Saulsbury 

Jennifer Saunders 

Tim Savinar 

Susan Scanlon 

Leo Schreiner 

Martin Schwartz and Marcia Freed 

Tom and Joan Scoggins 

Ken and Camilla Scott 

Matthew Scotten  

Diane Scurlock 

Donna Scurlock 

Gary and Melinda Seelig 

Judith and John Shaw  

Patricia Shea 

Joe Sherman 

Marcus Simantel 

Ellen Simmons 

Victoria SkellCerf 

John Sleeman 

Karen Small 

Carole Smith 

Marie Smith 

Sharon Smith 

Billie Snell  

Sid Snyder, Jr. and Robin Powell 

Allan and Mary Solares 

Greg and Roselle Soriano 

Cummins and Diane Speakman 

Jane Squires 

Gerald Sroufe and Maureen Dooley-Sroufe 

Dan and Sue Stein 

Henry and Mardella Stevens 

Jim and Laura Stewart  

Susan Stier 

Charles Stuart 

David and Stacy Sundquist 

Lace Svec 

Carmen Swigart  

Kathleen Swihart 

Russ and Nancy Taggard 

Viviane Tallman 

Shelly Taranoff 

William and Sara Tattam 

Ann and Dave Taylor 

Joan Taylor 

Leslie Taylor and Doug Beers 

Michael and Jamie Taylor 

Nancy Teagle 

Sam and Julie Thoma   

Raymond Thomas 

Linda Todd and Alan Merkle 

Susan Tone and Phil Blanton 

Jim Towell 

Virginia Trethewey 

Gary Turel 

Craig Tylenda 

Steven Urman 

Mark Van Duser 

Pieter Van Dyke and Jan Goodman 

Loris Van Pelt and Dennis Alexander 

Scott and Diane Vernon 

Susan Vitello  

Katie Voelke and Scott Kirby  

Marilyn Voelke and Kelly Monaghan 

Susan Walsh and Claudia Johnson 

Steve Wascher 

Grant and Diane Watkinson 

Marvin and Patricia Welch 

Patty and Burt Went 

Krickett Wertz 

Don and Stephanie Wickersham 

Nina Wickersham 

Jan Wieting 

Mike and Sara Wilkes 

Michele Wilkey 

Jean Williams 

Karen Wilson 

Judy and Randy Wiltgen 

Gail Woolf 

Steve and Patty Wright 

Ingrid Wysong and Steve Lundy 

Linda Wysong 

Elaine and Pat Young 

Michael and Lorna Zametkin 

Chuck and Sarah Zwissler 




Cannon Beach Book Company   

Clatsop Community Bank  

Clean-Sweep Maintenance, Inc.  

Fred Meyer Community Rewards 

Horning Geosciences 

Icefire Glassworks 

JJ Electric Service, LLC 

Lower Columbia Clinic 

Reach Break Brewing 

Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters  

Sunset Vacation Rentals  

Three Treasures Acupuncture  

West of the Moon 

The Wine Shack  

Gifts of $500 to $999

Stephen Akeson and Anita Knowlton 

Virginia Anderson 

Jim and Angela Benton 

Scott and Terry Borg 

Christ and Barbara Bouneff 

Tracy and Melody Boyce 

Mike and Eileen Brackenbrough 

Anna Braun 

Lois and Ben Bronfman 

Lisa Cerveny and David Russell 

David Chui and Alex Stone 

Pat and Rick Corkill 

Ross and JoAnn Cornelius 

Denielle and Blain Cowley 

Bill De Jager and Sheila Nolan 

Frank Erickson and Laura Gordon 

Evans Van Buren Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation 

Daniel Georges 

Sharon and Steven Gibson 

Jeffry Gottfried 

Terry and Cathy Graff 

Price and Hilary Gripekoven 

James and AnnMarie Haldeman 

Bonnie Henderson and Charles Zennache  

William and Barbara Hutchison 

Daryl Johnson 

Michael Johnson 

Amelia Jones 

Mark and Keyvan Jones 

Sharon Jonquil 

The June Foundation  

Beth Kandoll and Randy Puseman 

Frances Kaspar 

Gretchen Kilby 

Paul Konka 

William Kwitman and Monica Moriarty 

Jennifer and Raymond Lund 

Paula Madden 

Michael Manzulli and Nadia Gardner 

Marion Fund of Triangle Community Foundation 

Karl and Anne Marlantes 

Jim and Maureen Mastrantonio 

Sue McGrath and Bob Riecke 

Sandy and Adam Meggitt 

Anne Mesch  

Steve and Molly Meyer 

Wendy Miles and Dave Harrington 

Mark and Margaret Morgans 

Howard and Eileen Nagle 

Craig and Julie Nichols 

William and Carolyn Nirk 

Tabitha and Travis Norris 

Stuart Orford 

Lorraine Ortiz and Terry Fullan   

Janna Ostrander 

Patricia Friedland Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation  

Lisa Phipps and Roby Lane  

Martha and Stan Pine  

Carolyn Propst  

Reese Family Charitable Foundation 

Peter and Loren Reich 

Mark and Mary Roberts 

Kim and David Rohr 

Elden and Marjorie Rosenthal 

Justin Saydell and Rossana Lopez-Sanchez 

Lois Schnitzer 

Susan Sears 

Daniel and Kathryn Seifer 

Marjorie Smith 

Judith Sugg and Anupam Narayan 

John and Jeanie Voelke 

Amy and John Watson 

Darron and Stephanie Welch 

Robert and Dianne Widdop   

Roger Williams 

John and Kathy Willis 

Lisa and Miles Wiltrout 

Jock and Beth Wise 

Peter Woodring 

James and Faye Zajicek  




Bodydrive Fitness, LLC  

Bronze Coast Gallery  

The Cannon Beach Gallery Group 


Seaside Aquarium & Gift Shop, LTD 

Tote ‘N Stow, Inc. 

Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999

Anonymous (4)

Chris and Ginny Achterman 

Warren and Robin Anderson 

Karla Arria-Devoe and Maurice Menares 

The Autzen Foundation 

Betsy Ayres   

Rainmar Bartl and Barbara Grant 

June Baumler and Ralph Dobiejko 

Chris and Liz Beckman 

Heather Blacketer 

Marilynn Blacketer and Steve Warner   

Borkan Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation  

Chet and Marie Britten 

Kevin and Marla Brownlee  

Watt and Jennifer Childress 

Gunnar and Susan Christiansen 

Betsey Ellerbroek and Thron Riggs 

Patricia Fenderson and Robert Svec  

Mark and Jeanne Finkbeiner 

Yolanda Fletcher 

Stan Geiger and Marilynn Stribling  

Jane Gillis  

Ireta Graube 

Gary Greenberg 

Toni and Chip Greening 

Randall and Jeanne Henderson   

Nancy and John Herpers 

Robert Hirsch 

Tom and Kirsten Horning   

Bill and Ruth Hutmacher  

Peter Kendall 

Linda Kozlowski and Bill Supak 

Hal Lee and Susan Bishop 

Pat and Ken Lehman   

Levers-Manhart Charitable Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation 

Brian Lippy and Sarah Reese 

Ron Logan   

Bob and Sandi Lundy 

Carter and Jenny MacNichol 

Patricia Madden 

Vaughn and Mary Martin 

Walter McMonies and Caroline Hall 

Peter and Susan Mersereau 

Jan and John Nybakke 

The Oregon Community Foundation  

Stuart and Jollee Patterson 

Vianne Patterson   

Josephine Pope 

Phyllis Reynolds 

Dylan and Allegra Riley 

Mike and Carol Riley 

Linnea Ryan 

Catherine and Omar Sangueza 

Hazel and Barry Schlesinger 

Margy & Chuck Schroeder and Al Washington 

Seelig Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation  

Les and Lynn Sinclair 

Diane and Michael Somers 

The Taber Foundation  

Tauman Family Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation  

Michael and Judith Tembreull 

Suzanne and Dick Thweatt 

Don and Cindy Trelstad  

Evans Van Buren 

Al Vernon 

Sara Vickerman-Gage and Jeff Gage  

Robert and Vivian Weber 

John Whittlesey and Peggy Anet 

Michele and Richard Wollert 

Pat Wollner   

Dave and Kathleen Zunkel  





Gearhart Homeowners Association 

The Jeffrey Hull Gallery  

L & C Tree Farms, LLC 

Network for Good 

Unfurl Manzanita 

Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (2)

Tom and Sonya Campion 

Steve Forrester and Brenda Penner  

Gaylord-Eyerman Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation 

Paul Gearen 

Claudia and Michael Gray 

Madeline Hall and Joseph Fisher 

Susan Hayden and John Beaston 

The Jean Vollum Fund 

Eric and Julie Johnson 

Steve and Marilyn Kohler 

Leupold & Stevens Foundation 

Norbert and Christine Leupold 

Jacob and Rose Lewin 

John and Deb Mersereau   

Ann Morgan 

The Morrison Family Charitable Foundation 

Barbara Peterson 

Jeffrey Roehm   

Solares Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation  

Kathryn Stock and Deb Tinnin 

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 



Fairweather House & Gallery  

Oregon Coast Visitors Association  

Visit Tillamook Coast  

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999

Anonymous (1)

Eugene and Layton Borkan ‡

John and Stephanie Dudley ‡ †

Stacia Gabriel ‡

Andra Georges and Tim Shepard

Doug and Kathie Green

Harry and Marguerite Kendall Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Jacki Hinton and David Boone

Nancy Hopp

David Horowitz and Gloria Myers

Jane R. Kendall Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Jeffrey C. Kozlowski Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Patricia Johns ‡ †

Juan Young Trust

The Komal Foundation

Nancie McGraw

Tom and Kate Merrell

Les Neitzel

Sara Newlands

Jay and Penny Paulsen †

Megan Ponder and Rob Elam

Judy Sorrel

Hugh and Yvonne Stelson

Lianne Thompson and Ralph Wyatt

Roger Truax †


Dragonfire Studio and Gallery ‡

Gifts of $25,000 to $49,999

Adelante Foundation 

Columbia Family Foundation 

Doug and Kathie Green 

McGraw Family Foundation, Inc. 

Mintkeski Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation 

Ned and Sis Hayes Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation 

The Tareen Filgas Foundation 

Gifts of $50,000 or more

Anonymous (1)
Gordon Allen and Janice Stewart
Anita Barbey and Todd Liebow
Dawkins Charitable Trust
William Gaylord and Linda Eyerman
Land Trust Alliance
William Rutherford and Joan Lamb

In-Kind Gifts

Paul and Lana Jane Brent 

Cheryl Conway 

Dave Holt and Karen Babbitt 

Victoria Kingsbury 

Lewis & Clark National Historical Park 

Joanne McIntyre 

Ashley Mersereau and Justin Bailie 

Debbie and Dave Pickering 

U.S. Forest Service  

Lynette Villagomez and Max Broderick 



Artistic Bliss Portraits 

Bald Eagle Coffee House 

Bay Area Merchants Association  

Beach Books 

Buoy Beer Company  

By The Way 

Caffe Latte 

Coast Business Services, Inc. 

Columbia River Coffee Roaster, Inc. 

Dancing Spoons Macaroons  

Dough Dough Bakery 

Explore Lincoln City 

First Student, Inc. 

Fresh Foods Cannon Beach  

Grateful Bread Bakery

Grizzlies Brand

Kiwanda Coastal Properties

Laurel’s Wine Shop

Manzanita News & Espresso

Martin North

McMenamins Gearhart Hotel & Sand Trap Pub

My Petite Sweet

The Natural Nook

North Coast Leather

PacificLight Images

Pacific Way Café

Pelican Brewing Company

Pizza a’ fetta

Purple Cow Toys

R & R Espresso

The Roost

Sandlake Country Inn

Sea Level Bakery & Coffee

Seaside Coffee House

Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters

Street 14 Cafe

The Sweet Shop

3 Cups Coffee House

Under the Big Top, Inc.

Westover Inns

Zenith Vineyard

Memorial Gifts

The following individuals were remembered with one or more gifts in their name in 2019.

Charles Blair Allen & Joanne Kinneman Allen

Leo Aman

Al Aya

Fred & Kalla Baker

Mark S. Berry

Stewart Berry

Bill Boone

Bourdonnec Family

Horatio, Merle & Patrick Brackenbrough

Carol Briggs

Phyllis Brownlee

Jan Bruton

Wilma Caplan

George F. Cole

Gill Dennis

John Duncan

Susan Emery

Pete Frisbee

Frances Gallagher

Virginia Geiberger

Ossie & Evelyn Georges

Gene Gilbertson

Shirley Gittelsohn

Emily Georges Gottfried

Bob Green

Brian Charles Green

Matthew Guderian

Nadia Gugnyak

Colonel Halland Hankel

Jan Henderson & Jack Himmelwright

Elnora “Keni” Hertig

Hill Family

Dan Hodgin

Dave Holland

Kenneth Hooley

Walter H. & Ruth C. Horning

Barbara Baker-Horning-Jensen

Marjorie & Samuel Hyslop

Tree Johnson

The Jubitz Family

Irene Kan

Gene Keever

Rex Knight

Warren Knispel

Mike Knop

Karl Konka

Bob Koons

Marjorie Lippert

Linda Lloyd

Larry Loveridge

Daniel, Roger, & John Madden

Karen Maine

Mr. & Mrs. Ned Malcolm

Caryl Mangan

Cris Manning

Lia Matthews

Rol Mersereau

Edward & Mary Meshak

Christopher Monck

Wanda Moore

Marion Mulvihill

Stephen Murdock

Austin & Louise Myers

Ernestine Neitzel

Emily & Bob Nelson

Carl Nordmark

Blanche Nosworthy

O’Callaghan Family

Rodney Odegard

Margaret Olson

Jane Owen

Ronald Park

Toby Patterson

Mary Peterson

Harold & Mary Peterson

Peter Pope

Buster Reich

John C. & Emily F. Ricker

Norman Rickles

Libby Rippey

David Roberts

Earl Robert Rogness

Bonnie Schein

Susan Schiffer

Ron Schiffman

Carolyn Mary Shawgo

Jasmine Simonson

Laura Snyder

Barbara Aline Somers

Mark Somers

Mary Thelen Miller Soot

John M. Sproul

Story Family

Terry Swigart

Florence Truax

Velder Family

Carol Vernon

Missy & Lucky Vitello

Elizabeth Voelke

Caroline Ward

Jim Wills

Arliss Witt

Jonathan Wollert

Kathleen Wysong

Falcore Zerangue

Tribute Gifts

The following individuals were honored with one or more gifts in their name in 2019.

Robert & Kerstin Adams

Morgan & Gwen Anderson

Betsy Ayres

Donna Bauer

Elly Branch

Jerry & Sheryl Branch

Annette Butler

Paul & Margo Dueber

Steve Forrester & Brenda Penner

Marlene & Brian Frohmuth

Sue Gabriel

Naomie Gallagher

The Gatewood Family

Bill Gaylord

Mike & Betty Gearen

Steven Gibson

Jeff Gottfried

Ireta Graube

Pamela & Jeffrey Green

Growing up at the beach

John, Jenne, Ellie, & Bennett Haynal

Bonnie Henderson

Randall Henderson

Randall & Jeanne Henderson

Lynne & Steve Holmes

Nancy Hopp

David & Jan Horning

Tom Horning

Tom & Kirsten Horning

Tobias Hussa

Julianne Johnson

Jan & Steve Katz

Sally Lackaff

Ken & Pat Lehman

Brian Lippy & Sarah Reese

Madelyn Maine

McKenzie Maine

Neal Maine

Nancie McGraw

John Mersereau

Andrew Miles

Gene Miles

Rev N. Moore

Silas Morgan

Hugh Morrison

NCLC’s Terrific Work

Vianne Patterson

Claire Pinger

Karen Reddick-Yurka

Melissa Reich

Phyllis Reynolds

Barbara Rippey & Barry Marshall

Jeff Roehm

Dr. Scott Santos, Kim, Tobin & Lani Santos

Dianne Sherman

Ian Sisson

Kyle, Annalisa, Cooper, Carson, & Clare Smith

Janet Smith

Judy Sorrel

Deanna Spooner

Anne Tattam & Nate Koenigsknecht

Gretchen Taylor

Noah, Valerie, & Zoey Taylor

Deb Tinnin & Kathryn Stock

Steve Urman

Al Vernon

Katie Voelke

Dave Voorhees

Erik, Christina, & Haley Voorhees

John, Ann, & Nick Voorhees

Leslie Voorhees & Calley Means

Katie Weidman

Matthew Weidman

Pat Wollner

Tessa Zerangue