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NCLC expands Alder Creek Corridor in Warrenton

In October 2020, NCLC acquired the 9th Street Wetland, which stretches over 42 acres of forested wetlands dominated by Sitka spruce and western hemlock. It rests in the Alder Creek watershed that flows to the Columbia River alongside Sand Creek in Warrenton and is part of our Columbia Quiet Waters conservation area. Along with our neighboring Sand Creek Wetland and Gardenia Wetland habitat reserves, the 9th Street Wetland contributes to a wildlife corridor that is more than one mile long. MORE


  • The spruce, hemlock and alder trees on the 9th Street Wetland Habitat Reserve are becoming very mature.
  • The entire Alder Creek watershed system stores large volumes of water, thus helping to mitigate flooding, an important ecosystem service in a low-lying community like Warrenton.