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Partners collaborate on floodplain restoration in Tillamook

NCLC’s acquisition of 73 acres of forested wetland in Tillamook is the first step in a planned restoration of the Tillamook River’s tidal floodplain. The project, which NCLC is completing in collaboration with Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, will complement similar projects already under way on the Miami, Kilchis, Trask and Wilson Rivers. By reconnecting the wetland to the river, the project will restore habitat complexity critical to healthy salmon and trout populations and other wetlands-dependent species. MORE


  • With this restoration project, all five major rivers that enter Tillamook Bay estuary will have seen major progress in restoring valuable salmon-rearing habitat. Photos: Trav Williams/Broken Banjo Photography
  • Together with Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, NCLC plans to allow the Tillamook River to return to a large area of its historic floodplain.
  • The property was purchased from Tillamook Shooters Association, which retained 17 upland acres for possible use as a firearms safety range.