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Creating a Rainforest Reserve: We’re over the hump

2019 was the third year of our five-year effort to acquire 3,500 acres of forestland above Oswald West State Park. To that end we engaged an illustrator, photographer, and videographer to help us tell the story of the Rainforest Reserve and why we are so committed to its conservation. By year’s end we had met our goal of raising $5 million—halfway to the $10 million we’ll need to complete the project. READ MORE AND SEE THESE ARTISTS’ WORK 


  • Illustrator Sally Lackaff meets with NCLC staffers Katie Voelke and Lorraine Ortiz at Sally’s studio in Astoria. Photo: Justin Bailie
  • Photographer Justin Bailie of Nehalem braves the rain in the proposed Rainforest Reserve. Photo: Ryan Gallagher
  • Videographer Brady Holden filming on top of Mystery Peak. Photo: Ryan Gallagher